The ADHD Molecular Genetics Network is comprised of scientists worldwide who study the genetics of ADHD. The primary goals of the Network are to 1) discover genes that predispose those who have ADHD, 2) understand how those genes function, 3) improve diagnostic and treatment methods for ADHD, and 4) to provide ADHD researchers with up to date information about methods in human genetic research. Network activities are made possible through funding by the National Institutes of Mental Health (Grant # 5R13MH059126 to S.V. Faraone). This funding allows for a biennial conference of Network participants. The conference provides the intellectual stimulation of a small scientific meeting with data presentations and discussion along with sessions devoted to discussing obstacles to collaboration, tools for collaboration or scientific topics that might motivate researchers to work with one another. The main goal of the conference is to create networks of researchers who will continue to speak with and work with one another throughout the year. To date, 11 conferences have been held to bring together participants in the ADHD Molecular Genetics Network.